Nelson Kaserne Top picture 1950's  Bottom picture November 2002




Nelson Kaserne HHB Building Top picture 1938 Middle picture 1950's bottom picture 2002 the same flag pole

 Upper most picture 1920 before WWII bombing destroyed downtown Ulm, then May 1945  next 1958 middle Ulm 1970 then 1986 Bottom 2002 All 5 pictures taken from almost same spot Sometime between 1970 and 1986 they replaced the road with a mall called Munsterplatz





Side Gate to 2/5 FA or before 1983 2/33 FA or before 1945 ludendorff kaserne . Wiley Kaserne 1940 middle picture 1978 Bottom picture 2002


Towards Wiley Kaserne across from Memmingen Strasse top 1988 bottom 2001

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