Wiley Kaserne 

                       Neu Ulm West Germany




Nelson K




2nd Armored Rifle Battalion 41st Infantry Yearbook 4th AD

In late 1957 the  2/41 infantry moved into Wiley Kaserne after the completion of operation  gyroscope ( move from Ft. Hood Texas to Neu-Ulm West Germany). Pictures taken in front of battalion area that 2/5 FA would occupy 29 years later.


More pictures 1986-1988 Neu-Ulm/Ulm





Pictures 2/5FA 1987 to 1990


B Btry 6/32 FA Camp Stanley South Korea (Lance Missile)

B btry was the only Lance Missile unit in South Korea. B Btry 6/32  was operational from 1988 until February 1992. Unfortunately the third anniversary of Lance's arrival in South Korea catastrophe stuck all 13N's (Lance missile crewmember) around the world. On the 19th of August 1991 it was announced on AFN that Mikhail Gorbachev, (then president of the USSR) was no longer president. He had been relieved of his duties by Gennady Yenayev in a coup. The coup plotters had limited success and the coup collapsed three days later on August 22, and with it went the USSR.  Shortly thereafter President Bush and the President Gorbachev announced a new unilateral treaty on short range nuclear missiles. The next week all the Lance units in Europe received orders to de-activate, including B Btry 6/32 in South Korea. In early November we went to the south coast of Korea and fired most of the rounds into the sea. In February 1992 B Btry 6/32 de-activated.

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